Mirror Mirror works with teams at all levels in a variety of contexts – from leading brands to charitable organizations. Here are some of the things they had to say about our unique approach to team alignment…


It worked because everyone was engaged. It was their pressure and their context.  I fully endorse Mirror Mirror as a cutting edge approach to leadership communications and employee engagement for change and innovation.

FH-Prof. Dr. Johanna Anzengruber

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria

The Mirror Mirror facilitators were professional and flexible; the analysis was deep, absorbing our complexity and diversity; and the follow up was complete. The whole experience that Mirror Mirror offers is unique and competitive. The outcomes represent significant value. I highly recommend it.

HR Director

EU organization

It was good to have an outside person listening to my views and opinions in the interview without criticism or baggage.  Then during the workshop, after all these years, it was the first time we were all really open to hear and appreciate each other.  It all felt positive.

Mirror Mirror participant

Samsung Electronics

This is the blind spot, the bane of major change programmes. By clearing the ‘fog’, you are removing the friction in the organization. It’s an area we really need to get on top of – if not just for survival.

Steve Plante

Chief Strategist and Education Officer, PeopleProductive

A valuable process to help teams reflect and supports in building a foundation for new process generation.

Good exercise and test for our group’s cohesiveness, alignment, goals, collaboration

Clear criteria, forces you to think about things you wouldn’t think of yourself

It was good to take time and reflect instead of assuming things

Comments from multiple participants

MSc. Innovation students, Rotterdam School of Management

Thank you for coming to share this approach. Our students definitely saw value in the workshop.

Helge Klapper

Assistant Professor for Innovation, Rotterdam School of Management

Positive experience, comfortable approach and helped to make the group think in a different way. Very well managed and enjoyable.

Mirror Mirror participant


I was very happy to see the open participation – everybody really spoke up. I’m impressed because we don’t see this in our operational meetings. I hope we can bring it back there.

Team Leader


Mirror Mirror really helped me to reflect on a lot of important tasks concerning the project from different points of view.  I realized it’s important to address these things even though they might seem clear already.

Masters Student

University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria

Normally we invest in others, our customers for example. But with Mirror Mirror, we are investing in ourselves as a team. By opening up, by seeing each other’s views as valuable, and by being honest with each other, we were able to look each other in the eye and improve the loop.

Mirror Mirror participant

Professional Services Firm

I highly recommend Lindsay for raising the bar on what we can do for training and development. Her approach is fresh and original. Best of all, it works!

Lynn Hazan

Executive Recruiter