Do you want to know what your team is doing to help them or hold them back?

Do you feel your team isn’t fully aligned around their shared challenges? 


‘Take the Team Test’ is a free, automated tool that assesses the effectiveness of your team from an alignment perspectve. It has 26 questions and takes about 5 mins to complete per person. All inputs are handled anonymously and presented collectively.


Research shows learning behaviours in teams lead to better shared understanding – and that both determine team effectiveness.

Get data about the interplay between your team members and how that impacts their success so you can put it on the table.

The report scores the team learning behaviours and shows how these lead to a shared understanding in the team. It includes:


  • top 5 behavioural strengths and weaknesses

  • a breakdown of scores for each behaviour

  • a comparison of how each team member sees the team purpose

  • group perception on alignment, positivity, and preparedness

  • a guide on what to do about the results.

We define a team as being a group of 5 – 20 people with a shared goal. Anyone in a team can start the Team Test.

If you are not the team manager, you can choose to involve your team members directly or to ask your manager to send invitations. To generate a report, at least half of all team members need to take part. The Team Test can be open for 1, 2, or 3 weeks – you choose.

To see a sample report or with any questions, contact us directly