Join our growing network of trained Mirror Mirror facilitators.

New training dates in January 2020 now live – limited to 30 places.


When working environments are busy and complex, diversity can lead to gaps in understanding between people about their challenges and how they interact to deliver together. These gaps, both about cognition and behaviours, often sit invisibly under the surface. When unchecked, undermine performance and motivation.

We identify and measure these gaps, and as a trained Mirror Mirror facilitator, you can use these insights with people in teams and across organizations to help them be more aligned and effective. And because it’s team-centred and inclusive, Mirror Mirror empowers and engages people in the process. This sets a strong foundation for other change and development activities.


We train expert facilitators in the Mirror Mirror approach.  The courses are run virtually over one day as 4 x 1 hour sessions plus reading between and an assessment at the end. 


Find out more and sign up to one of the below vritual training events here: – 7 Jan 2020 – 7 hours starting 09.30 Central European Time (CET) – 9 Jan 2020– 7 hours starting 09.30 Central European Time (CET) – 13 Jan 2020  – 7 hours starting 09.30 Central European Time (CET) – 16 Jan 2020– 7 hours starting 13.30 Central European Time (CET) for later timezones (US, Canada)



“What makes Mirror Mirror so different, is that it is not a concept or theoretical model that needs to be translated back into the workplace – where typically much gets lost. It is a practical action learning process anchored to the whole team context.  That’s sticky.” – Mirror Mirror training participant, Summer 2019.


When you’re working with a team, often the trickiest aspect is getting to grips with their unique situation. You likely interview each team member to find out more, but remaining objective is difficult, and handling the inputs to a meaningful level of depth becomes too complicated without the use of a robust, data-driven structure.

  • Access a tool that is measurable and repeatable
  • Surface cognitive and behavioural alignment gaps within the team
  • Address those in a safe and constructive way
  • Bring a collective awareness of ‘what is’
  • Drive the co-creation of an action plan that best pinpoints ‘what next’
  • Diagnose areas in need of attention
  • Capture feedback and insights for your clients.