Join the Mirror Mirror network of certified Delivery Partners:

  • Use Mirror Mirror as part of your client development programmes
  • Become an expert resource, delivering to Mirror Mirror contracts
  • Build on Mirror Mirror as a diagnostic, evidencing where further work may be needed.

We certify expert facilitators, either independent or from small consultancies in the Mirror Mirror methodology.  One-day courses run as events or as virtual sessions. Contact us for details.

“What makes Mirror Mirror so different, is that it is not a concept or theoretical model that needs to be translated back into the workplace – where typically much gets lost. It is a practical action learning process anchored to the whole team context.  Now that’s sticky.”

When you’re working with a team, often the trickiest aspect is getting to grips with their unique situation. You likely interview each team member to find out more, but remaining objective is difficult, and handling the inputs to a meaningful level of depth becomes too complicated without the use of a robust, data-driven structure.

With Mirror Mirror, you can run measurable, repeatable assessments that, with your facilitation:

  • Surfaces cognitive and behavioural alignment gaps within the team
  • Addresses those in a safe and constructive way
  • Brings a collective awareness of ‘what is’
  • Drives the co-creation of an action plan that best pinpoints ‘what next’
  • Diagnoses areas in need of attention
  • Captures feedback and insights for tomorrow’s strategy.