Simple conversations help people align, bit by bit. But they are often tainted with social and political sensitivities, and the process can car far too long-winded and complicated to manage.

Mirror Mirror is a structured behavioural and cognitive alignment process to support you in:

  • engaging your team
  • getting deep and relevant feedback
  • spotting the alignment gaps and opportunities
  • bringing new and virtual team members closer
  • preparing your team to go to the next level.

Alignment doesn’t mean that people need to agree with each other or share the same views. In fact, the more people see things from different angles, the more diversity you can use to make things happen. But people do need complementary views on the basics: their purpose, requirements, facts, implications, and possibilities. They need to see the opportunities, the blockers, how they can contribute with others to making it happen. They are more likely to support a course of action they may not agree with themselves once they have been heard and once they have listened to others.

With Mirror Mirror, you can really get under the skin of what’s preventing success and how to overcome that – with the involvement and commitment of your team members.