Mirror Mirror is a rapid and powerful means of aligning teams.

It adds deep clarity, engagement and ownership; and takes out conflict, cost and risk.

Building shared mental models

Mirror Mirror is a team alignment diagnostic tool and process in one. It identifies, measures, and addresses alignment gaps.

A properly aligned team understands how the strategy of the organization is relevant to their work, and how they can best collaborate to deliver better together. Tried and tested, the process improves inclusion, engagement, ownership, and results.

Mirror Mirror is used to for effective strategy implementation, to support change, and to speed up the on-boarding process for new leaders or new teams.

Mirror Mirror
clears the fog

Misalignment is serious stuff.  It sits at the root of all business problems and is costly and frustrating.

We call the difficulties and confusion caused by misalignment ‘The Fog’. A certain amount is inevitable but too much undermines performance.

Especially today, when leaders need to work with remote teams, re-set direction, and manage change – alignment is more important than ever.

Mirror Mirror
clears the fog

Based on research in the social sciences, Mirror Mirror helps people align to the vision and strategy of the organization, as well as with each other. Tried and tested, the process improves ownership, effectiveness, engagement and results.

Our technology identifies and measures alignment gaps and opportunities, team by team. Trained Mirror Mirror facilitators interpret that data and support leaders in addressing the gaps with their teams, safely and constructively.

The result is that people have a better shared understanding about their challenges are in the context of the wider strategy, and how they will work together to implement it. 

Mirror Mirror is made to measure

The benefits of Mirror Mirror are measured at 3 points in time to show what changed.  Extra question sets to match specific team situations can be used to go extra deep: Executive teams, new teams, virtual teams, cross-functional teams, agile teams, and teams going through change and integration.

“The Mirror Mirror facilitators were professional and flexible; the analysis was deep, absorbing all our complexity and diversity; and the follow up was complete. The whole experience that Mirror Mirror offers is unique and competitive. I highly recommend it.”

HR Director · EU Organization