We identify and close alignment gaps between people in organizations to improve engagement and performance. 

People can be working together while living in different realities because everyone interprets the world in their own way and behaves according to their own logic. Assumptions, misunderstandings, habits, biases – these often sit under the radar, creating expensive alignment issues that undermine motivation and performance.  We call it The Fog.  Mirror Mirror is a proprietary process designed specifically to clear the fog.

Best for teams in complex situations (post M&A environments, cross-functional teams, new teams, teams in change) and teams going agile.

Replace confusion, frustration and wasted efforts with better engagement, collaboration, and implementation.

Mirror Mirror is data-driven discovery process that shows what your team is doing well, what is holding them back, where the common ground is and where the differences are. It puts the issues on the table in a safe, objective, and constructive way. It gives people in teams the clarity, alignment, and momentum they need to get on and deliver great results together.

Research shows that unless a team has behavioural and cognitive compatibility, their decisions and actions are skewed, with negative impacts on progress.

An innovative communication process that drives performance, focused at the team level.

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The outcomes are deep and impactful:

  • Better shared understanding
  • More ownership
  • Increased team effectiveness
  • A more open, respectful and inclusive culture.

The benefits are immediate and lasting:

  • Higher levels of performance & innovation
  • Better strategy implementation
  • Improved sustainability and reputation
  • Increased staff attraction and retention.