Mirror Mirror is best used in these situations:


  • setting up teams in change or transition
  • creating familiarity / understanding in new and virtual teams
  • getting multi-project teams on the same page
  • delivering rapid executive onboarding
  • jump-starting stale / low performing / low energy teams.

Why Mirror Mirror works so well in practice:


    • it provides a safe and confidential environment in which participants can share their views and ideas
    • it shows participants that their inputs are heard, are being used, and are having an impact
    • it allows participants to see where their views differ from those of the wider team and address those
    • it builds a more open and appreciative team communication culture
    • it provides rich feedback around where communications and other changes may be needed.
    • it enables people to appreciate the views of their colleagues while not necessarily being in agreement.

Key differentiators


Mirror Mirror is a unique mix of tried and tested methodologies that together, provide some significant differentiating advantages over other approaches:


  • it focuses exclusively on building a shared current reality on the whole team context, with the whole team
  • the inputs are the thoughts and feelings of the participants, so they own the content
  • the emerging insights are free of subjective judgements from third parties: they are a reflection of how the team collectively perceives their reality – the common ground and differences.
  • the key output is an ‘alignment snapshot’ – showing where dialogues need to take place; the key outcome is a team that is better prepared to make better decisions and take better actions together.