When you’re working with a team, often the trickiest aspect is getting to grips with their unique situation. Perhaps you talk with each team member to find out where the issues lie, but this can be difficult because people have different perspectives and interpretations of what’s going on, and the workplace context can be complex.

With Mirror Mirror, you can run a structured, data-driven exercise that compares what each member of the team – and the team leader – thinks and feels about the whole team situation. The data is presented in visuals so they can be shared easily. By doing so, the gaps and opportunities become clear and participants are able to see the differences between their views and views within the wider team.

Now that’s a conversation starter.

Mirror Mirror is a structured, practical, measurable, and repeatable process that allows all team members to explore where the common ground and differences are.

Think: Detailed team-focused employee survey with immediacy
Think: Lencioni with applicability
Think: Discovery and engagement with do-ability.

We train seasoned professional coaches and facilitators to deploy Mirror Mirror. From capturing and codifying interview responses, ensuring the correct use of data from an IT Security and Privacy perspective – these roles require high levels of expertise.

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