When you’re working with a team, often the trickiest aspect is getting to grips with their unique situation. Perhaps you talk with each team member to find out more, but this can be difficult. People have different perspectives, it’s hard to suspend your own judgement and interpretations of what’s going on, and workplaces can be highly complex.

With Mirror Mirror, you can run a structured, repeatable, data-driven process that:

  1. identifies / addresses team alignment gaps
  2. scores team learning behaviours
  3. brings a collective awareness of ‘what is’
  4. diagnoses areas in need of improvement
  5. captures key insights for strategy.

The data is collected anonymously and presented collectively in easy-to-read visuals.


Now that’s a conversation starter.


We train seasoned professional coaches and facilitators to deploy Mirror Mirror.

Think: Detailed team-focused employee survey with immediacy
Think: Lencioni with applicability
Think: Discovery and engagement with doability.


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