Make sure your teams get the shared and actionable clarity they need to get going, adopt change, implement strategy, innovate, and improve performance.


‘Social Alignment’ is a term that has been emerging in recent social sciences literature. It is defined as being when people have a ‘shared current reality’ and has three components:

  1. Shared cognition: people have a collective understanding of their shared context
  2. Social participation: people interact with each other effectively
  3. Personal relevance: the purpose of the individual links to the purpose of the team.

The research shows that social alignment is a pre-requisite for team performance because without it, they won’t have the same direction and focus, which leads to effective decisions and actions. This is the basis of Mirror Mirror’s team alignment process.


Below are the conditions that enable team alignment:

 Situation continuity  Low change horizon, future predictable
 Clarity from the wider organization  Clear and specific brief provided within which the team needs to operate
 Good team leader engagement  Team leader is available and open to understanding, guiding, and enabling
 Healthy team communications culture  Team behaviours are open, trusting, inclusive, and serve the team goal first
 Team familiarisation with whole context  Team members know the company processes, culture, and ‘people networks’
 Team mental models free of baggage  Ideas about how things can move forwards are realistic and accurate
 Good team fit to achieve the goal  The team members are suited to their roles and responsibilities


When these conditions are not present, questions come up:

  • The team needs to take on a significant change. How can they get organized to succeed?
  • The team is flat and development seems to have stopped. Nothing we do seems to help. What’s behind this?
  • We have new people who need to onboard to the team rapidly – how can we make this happen?
  • There’s a cross-team project with marketing, IT, and product development staff. How can we get them off to a good start?


Mirror Mirror is an immediate, structured, practical process that enables leaders and their teams to develop better social alignment and become more effective. Based on ‘enabling leadership’ principles, it works on the basis that what a team needs to do to be effective is already known by those involved – but it’s not necessarily conscious, shared, or actioned. Mirror Mirror

is not a concept or theoretical model that needs to be translated back into the workplace. It is a practical action learning process that is anchored to the whole team context with the Team Leader driving the agenda. It is applicable to any team in any situation, complements any L&D or OD strategies in place, and language in the process can be customised. Case studies show excellent, long-lasting results in the reported levels of clarity, alignment and preparedness to move forward.

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