Under the right circumstances, getting everyone on the same page is the job of the leader. But challenging or puzzling circumstances need more attention:

  • The team needs to transition or adapt to take on a significant change. How can prepare them so they can succeed?
  • The team is flat and development seems to have stopped. Nothing we do seems to help. What’s behind this?
  • We have new people who need to onboard to the team rapidly – how can we make this happen?
  • There’s a cross-team project with marketing, IT, and product development staff. How can we get them off to a good start?

Based on ‘enabling leadership’ principles, Mirror Mirror works on the basis that leading from a single perspective is not enough. That what a team needs to do to be effective is already known by those involved – but it’s not necessarily conscious, shared, or actioned.

Getting a common understanding – becoming aligned, committed and motivated – is often the challenge because it can take so long to achieve using unstructured conversation or traditional means of communication.

Mirror Mirror is an immediate, structured, practical process that enables leaders and their teams to build a better shared current reality. From a whole system point of view, this includes:

  • ‘what is our shared context?’
  • ‘who are the people in that context?’
  • ‘how can those people interact effectively – with the openness, trust, and an appreciation of the diversity that is present – needed to optimize their effectiveness?’

It is not a concept or theoretical model that needs to be translated back into the workplace. It is a practical action learning process that is anchored to the whole team context with the Team Leader driving the agenda.

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