Mirror Mirror was developed and is owned by i2i Practical Communications, based in the Netherlands. The core team is made up of Lindsay Uittenbogaard, Founder and Director; Hannah Rattay, Product Development Advisor; and Dr. Edna Ayme-Yahil, Strategic Advisor. This team develops / delivers Mirror Mirror direct.

Mirror Mirror is also supported by an ecosystem of partners, as below. Each partner has been selected to represent Mirror Mirror because of their expertise and / or capability to deliver at scale. They espouse values and ways of working akin to our own. We choose to work with one or another based on best match to client needs.

Agility Insights

We help leaders develop agile organisations through management design – a methodology that decodes, designs, and develops agile models and processes that enable organisations to adapt quickly to changes as they happen.

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Boards, Chief Executives and Chairs – and the next generation of talent – turn to Align Your Org for help. They // Advise Boards // Facilitate Strategy // Develop Changemakers.

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We get the best out of people – a consultancy based on unique experiential learning, set up to grow competitiveness, resilience and responsiveness.

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Human Fluency

Organizational conversations, leadership & employeeship.

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Leadership Potential Consulting

We help leaders and teams become more successful by shifting technical expertise into leadership excellence.

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Outstand Development

We help people and organizations to thrive with tailored coaching, leadership development and assessment services.

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We help organizations have better conversations.

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Stephen Welch

Communication, HR and change consultant.

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TU Delft

Premier league European Technical University educating some 20,000 students and producing some 6,000 research papers annually. Working with Mirror Mirror on process validation and enhancements.

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Wiebke Koch

Facilitator, trainer & coach focusing on win-win relationships. Works on the belief that social innovation, meaningful work, and high-performing teams can be integrated to enable sustainable organizations that perform well now and in the decades to come.

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Zackes Brustik

Stage and workshop moderator for conferences around tech, start-ups and digitalization.

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