The process has 3 stages. We:

How long does it take?

The Mirror Mirror interview can be conducted face to face or virtually. They take approximately 45 mins per participant. The alignment report can be delivered within 48 hours, and the subsequent team workshop can be managed within a half or whole day.


With a Mirror Mirror report, you can see:


  • What factors the team members perceive are important to the team and why
  • How the team members feel about those factors and what they think could be done next
  • What is coming up as needed, missing, working
  • How much scope there is to improve connections between team members
  • Most importantly, where the team alignment gaps and opportunities are.

Why Mirror Mirror works so well in practice:


  • provides a safe and confidential environment in which participants can share their views and ideas
  • takes a data-driven approach, turning previously imperceptible alignment gaps into solid findings
  • shows participants their inputs are heard and being used
  • enables people to appreciate the views of their colleagues while not necessarily being in agreement
  • has participants constructively practicing inclusive behaviours
  • does not impose external knowledge to judge what the team needs to do differently – the answers come from them.