This can involve teams of up to 20 people and is valuable for:


  • Moving teams through periods of change and transition
  • Helping teams be more effective, be that for teamwork, innovation, performance, safety
  • Accelerating the on-boarding process for new leaders or team members
  • Allowing virtual team members to gain more familiarity with their colleagues and team situation
  • Ensuring cross-functional project teams are set up for success.


The process delivers on three levels, by:

  1. Capturing how people perceive their situation at work using interviews and assessments*
  2. Comparing those perceptions to show where the alignment gaps and opportunities are (across 3 focus areas: diversity in the team, the whole context at work, and the quality of key connections between team members)
  3. Designing and delivering a dialogue-based workshop to build a better shared current reality.


* Personality assessments are recommended rather than standard. Mirror Mirror uses Hogan Assessments to understand the diversity in the team. All information is treated with anonymity except for information about the connections between team members, and the Hogan assessment reports. All data is handled in the strictest confidence, in accordance with our IT Security and Privacy statement, which is available on request.

Using highly experienced facilitators, Mirror Mirror gives all members of the team an opportunity to be heard and to appreciate the views of their colleagues. This creates space for new and open thinking.


How long does it take?

The Mirror Mirror interview and assessments take approximately 2-3 hours per participant and the resulting report can be delivered within around 2 weeks, based on team size and participant availability. The subsequent team workshop / dialogue based on these results can be managed within a half or whole day.


With a Mirror Mirror report, you can see:


  • What factors the team members perceive are important to the team and why
  • How the team members feel about those factors and what they think could be done next
  • What is coming up as needed, missing, working
  • What the team members’ profiles look like in terms of motives, values, and preferences
  • How much scope there is to improve the connections between team members