Mirror Mirror allows teams to develop a shared picture of ‘where they are now’ so they have the clarity, alignment, and momentum needed to progress to ‘where they want to go next’.

Leaders in organizations are seeing that purpose and alignment drives change, innovation, and performance. They need a way for people in teams to understand what this means in everyday operational terms.

If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, Mirror Mirror can help:

  • Does your team have a good, common understanding of their situation?
  • Do your team members adapt well to change?
  • Is your team performing at its best?

Get your teams and projects moving efficiently and in the right direction. Reduce the risk of poor results and demotivation. Save time with a structured, measurable, customised approach to alignment.

When a team leader or manager wants to move their team from situation A to situation B, every member of the team needs to share an understanding of both in terms of why, what, how, who, where, and when. This can be messy, long-winded, confusing, and ineffective. Or with Mirror Mirror, it can be focused, structured, clear, efficient, and useful.

Mirror Mirror is a team workshop with advance inputs per person. The process starts with interviews and assessments to gather data about the diversity in the team, the context at work, and the connections within the team. That data is then combined into a report with key insights and data visualisations. From this report, you can see:

  • Where the team members are aligned and not aligned
  • How well they connect with each other
  • What they think is important to the team’s future
  • What they think could be done to help meet the objectives
  • What they think is needed, missing, working
  • What the diversity of the team looks like, in terms of motives, values, and preferences.

And this is the basis of the customised workshop, designed to the Team Leader’s objectives.