Mirror Mirror is a rapid social alignment process that gets teams to a shared current reality.


Misunderstandings, assumptions, gaps in information, unconscious biases, social as well as environmental influences: the scope for people in organizations to become disconnected from each other is huge, and the overall cost of that happening is immense. While Team Leaders and Line Managers are ideally positioned to facilitate a better shared current reality within their teams, its difficult from the inside. Instead, vast resources are being spent on mass communications, leadership engagement activities, surveys, and enterprise social networks. The extent to which all of that helps people understand each other and their context, is questionable.


The relevance of social alignment is increasing

The workforce is becoming more dispersed and diverse, and roles are increasingly being filled by short-term contractors and project staff. At the same time, customers expect more customized, niche products and services. Organizations need accelerated learning, better performance, and innovative thinking from their people to be sustainable in this emerging context. All of this increases the need for people in teams to be effective, starting with social alignment: appreciating each other’s perspectives, being open and clear, having a good shared current reality.


Mirror Mirror works by capturing how people perceive their work environment in the context of the team goal, and then comparing that data to reflect the social alignment gaps and opportunities for dialogue.

Mirror Mirror prepares your team to achieve its objectives by giving them the opportunity to:


  • understand how people are seeing the team situation differently
  • ensure the broader organizational purpose is being usefully translated at the team level
  • engage the diversity in the team around a common direction and plan
  • bring new and virtual team members rapidly up to speed
  • set the tone of interpersonal communications to be more open, appreciative, and constructive
  • save wasted effort and frustration caused by unnecessary unclarity and misalignment.

Our customers feel that Mirror Mirror is a innovative and useful intervention, because


  • there is growing recognition that alignment is a critical precursor for success in today’s complex work environments
  • the innovative approach that Mirror Mirror takes to build a better shared current reality within teams, is proving very effective
  • the insights gathered are useful for the wider organization
  • it is quick, refreshing, efficient, and effective.