Mirror Mirror is a data-driven alignment process that accelerates effectiveness, team by team.

It is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to leverage the collective ability of your people.


People in teams have different ways of seeing and interpreting things. If their views aren’t compatible, progress becomes difficult, frustrating, and less effective. Assumptions, misunderstandings, information gaps, biases: we call this ‘The Fog’.  Mirror Mirror clears the fog with leaders and their teams by identifying the areas of misalignment and the causal behaviours. It improves of shared understanding, ownership, effectiveness, and surfaces rich feedback for management.


Mirror Mirror takes a rapid approach to identifying and addressing team alignment gaps and opportunities. Doing this connects strategy intent to implementation, and promotes agile ways of working.

Team effectiveness scores are generated as part of the process to show exactly which behaviours are driving the right results, and which are holding the team back.


The outcomes are deep and impactful:

  • Better shared understanding
  • More ownership
  • Increased team effectiveness
  • A more open, respectful & inclusive culture


The benefits are immediate and lasting:

  • Improved strategy implementation
  • Higher levels of performance & innovation
  • Staff attraction and retention
  • Improved sustainability & reputation

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…and the process is an easy fit to your people, processes and strategies:

  • provides the Team Leader with a means to accelerate alignment without confrontation
  • creates the psychological safety needed for people to open up and hear others in a non-personal, non-judgemental way
  • complements existing HR / L&D / OD – related strategies; language is customizable.