What a team needs to do to be more effective is often already known by those involved – but it is not necessarily conscious, shared, or actioned.


Based on ‘enabling leadership’ principles, Mirror Mirror is a structured and practical process that identifies and addresses alignment gaps and opportunities in teams. This allows the team to develop a better shared current reality and be more effective. 

The deliverable is a customised workshop with advance inputs per person. The outcome is more clarity, alignment and momentum for the team to achieve its goals. 


The Mirror Mirror process will help your team to:


  • understand how people are seeing the team situation differently
  • ensure the broader organizational purpose is being usefully translated at the team level
  • engage the diversity in the team around a common direction and plan
  • bring new and virtual team members rapidly up to speed
  • set the tone of interpersonal communications to be more open, appreciative, and constructive
  • save wasted effort and frustration caused by unnecessary unclarity and misalignment.

Simple conversations help people align. But they can be messy, long-winded, confusing, and ineffective. Or with Mirror Mirror, they can be focused, structured, clear, efficient, and useful.


The process is getting quite some recognition in the market as an innovative and useful intervention. Feedback so far, tells us this is:


  • partly because there is growing recognition that alignment is a critical precursor for success in today’s complex work environments
  • partly because the innovative approach that Mirror Mirror takes to build a better shared current reality within teams, is proving very effective
  • partly because the insights gathered are useful for the wider organization
  • and partly because it is quick and efficient.