Mirror Mirror is a proprietary organizational effectiveness process that accelerates shared understanding and ownership at the team level. It is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to improve strategy implementation and gain strategy insights through people.


People in teams have different ways of seeing and understanding things. But if their views aren’t compatible – if they aren’t pointing in the same direction – progress will be slow, difficult, and frustrating. Assumptions, misunderstandings, information gaps, unconscious biases – we call this fog.  Mirror Mirror is a team alignment process that clears the fog with leaders and their teams by facilitating shared understanding and ownership.


Mirror Mirror takes a data-driven approach to understanding team alignment gaps and opportunities. It is best for new teams, virtual teams, teams in change, and struggling teams.


The process provides multiple immediate and lasting outcomes:

  • improves team clarity, alignment and effectiveness
  • creates a more open, respectful, and inclusive team culture
  • promotes team engagement and agility
  • generates useful feedback for relevant stakeholders.


…and is an easy fit to your people, processes and strategies:

  • provides the Team Leader with a means to accelerate alignment without confrontation
  • creates the psychological safety needed for people to open up and hear others in a non-personal, non-judgemental way
  • complements existing HR / L&D / OD – related strategies; language is customisable.


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Provide the opportunity for people at work to:


  • think through answers to key questions about the team situation and outlook that are rarely asked
  • understand and appreciate what their colleagues think and feel about the team situation and outlook
  • get clarity on the team situation as well as the broader organizational purpose / direction
  • close misalignment gaps and come up with better ways forward
  • start making better decisions and take better actions
  • save effort and frustration that would have been caused by unnecessary misalignment
  • create a more open, appreciative, and constructive working culture.