Accelerating social alignment in teams for improved performance and innovation.

People in teams with a shared current reality make better, faster progress.


People in teams have different ways of seeing and understanding things. But if their views aren’t compatible – if they aren’t pointing in the same direction – progress will be slow, difficult, and frustrating.

Assumptions, misunderstandings, information gaps, unconscious biases – we call this fog.  Mirror Mirror is a social alignment process that clears the fog with leaders and their teams by facilitating alignment, clarity and momentum.

Mirror Mirror takes a data-driven approach to understanding the alignment gaps and opportunities. It is best for new teams, virtual teams, teams in change, and teams in trouble. 


Our customers feel Mirror Mirror is an innovative and useful intervention, because


  • there is growing recognition that alignment is a critical precursor for success in today’s complex work environments
  • the innovative approach that Mirror Mirror takes to build a better shared current reality within teams, is proving very effective
  • the insights gathered are useful for the wider organization
  • it is quick, refreshing, efficient, and effective.

Give your team members the opportunity to:


  • think through answers to key questions about the team situation and outlook that are rarely asked
  • understand and appreciate what their colleagues think and feel about the team situation and outlook
  • get clarity on the team situation as well as the broader organizational purpose / direction
  • close misalignment gaps and come up with better ways forward
  • start making better decisions and take better actions
  • save effort and frustration that would have been caused by unnecessary misalignment
  • create a more open, appreciative, and constructive working culture.