Mirror Mirror is a proprietary organizational effectiveness process. It is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to accelerate shared understanding and ownership within teams as a means of improving strategy implementation.


People in teams have different ways of seeing and understanding things. But if their views aren’t compatible – if they aren’t pointing in the same direction – progress will be slow, difficult, and frustrating. Assumptions, misunderstandings, information gaps, unconscious biases – we call this fog.  Mirror Mirror is a team alignment process that clears the fog with leaders and their teams by facilitating shared understanding and ownership.


Mirror Mirror takes a data-driven approach to identifying and addressing team alignment gaps and opportunities. It is best for executive teams, new teams, cross-functional teams, virtual teams, teams in change and transition, and innovating teams.


The benefits are immediate and lasting:


  • clears up avoidable ambiguity to improve team alignment
  • creates a more open, respectful, and inclusive team culture
  • promotes team engagement, ownership, and more agile ways of working
  • improves team effectiveness
  • generates useful insights and feedback for relevant stakeholders
  • when used on a wide-scale basis, leads to potential cost saving opportunities.



…and it is an easy fit to your people, processes and strategies:

  • provides the Team Leader with a means to accelerate alignment without confrontation
  • creates the psychological safety needed for people to open up and hear others in a non-personal, non-judgemental way
  • complements existing HR / L&D / OD – related strategies; language is customizable.


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One process, four outcomes:


  1. Data from participant the interviews / surveys is synthesized to provide a team effectiveness score that is anchored in research = Mirror Mirror evaluates team effectiveness
  2. That data is brought forward in a report to inform a dialogue-based workshop that brings people closer to a shared understanding and ownership = Mirror Mirror improves team effectiveness
  3. Both the score and the workshop identify areas in need of further attention = Mirror Mirror diagnoses the opportunity areas for further team effectiveness improvements
  4. Key points from the workshop are collated into a one-page report for the sponsor = Mirror Mirror provides feedback to inform tomorrow’s strategy.